You are perfect, faults and all!!



Unfortunately sometimes people judge us based on their expectations of us. People often project who they want us to be onto us and when we don’t reach the ideal they have set us they can loss respect for us, judge us or detatch from us.

If this happens know it is their issue and not yours. If anyone judges you, for any reason, let it go and don’t carry their issues. Someone’s opinion of you does NOT define you or take from your self worth.

There is great power in talking…

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Sometimes there are things that we cannot share with our family, partners or even our closest friends. 

One of the greatest things about counselling is the the freedom to say whatever you think, feel, experience, fear, or do in confidence and without judgement. The power and healing that comes from speaking about, exploring and gaining clarity over a situation or part of yourself is empowering and life changing.

Remember nothing changes unless you do! If you are ready to take control of your life and move forward call Carol on 0867371737 or email

talk, heal, believe!


Celebrate You each and Every Day!!




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Everyday we work hard, be it to improve ourselves, our life or our future. We study, practice and learn new skills.  We make sacrifices to better ourselves or to improve the lives of others. Anything we do that is positive, anything that we achieve or learn from should never be taken for grated or undervalued.

But how often do you stop and really appreciate, even celebrate you? Your success, even what you learn when you fail at something or make a mistake should be valued and celebrated.

Take time each day to appreciate what you have achieved. Value the hard work and effort that went into completing these accomplishments. Most of all celebrate you for being who you are and always be true to yourself.


Take Action to Build the Life You Want

If you want something you have to Go Get It! Take the steps to make it happen. You have to focus, plan, work hard and be flexible in your approach. Who ever said good things come to those who wait lied!! Take control of your life and destiny!

Develop Strength from your Painful Experiences

Life can knock us down when we least expect it. Sometimes our whole world, everything we had planned and set out before us can come to a crashing end. When this happens we have two choices;

1: Fall apart and be defeated?

2: Keep going day by day, minute by minute secure in the knowledge that nothing ever stays as it is.

Me, I like the following words of wisdom,
When you are going through hell, keep going!!

It is the most difficult and painful experiences in life that teach us about ourselves and how resilient we truly are. The lessons we learn serve us in the future by helping us to make wiser decisions.

If you are going through ‘hell’ right now understand that we have all been there and if you haven’t you more that likely will have an experience at some point that will knock you for six. (Sorry but it is true)

My point is you can choose not to let it destroy you but to use it to refocus and make you stronger than ever! Yes you will feel, hurt, lost, confused, angry and a million other feelings but you will get through it and be happy again.

Be Honest with Yourself



Always be honest with yourself and trust your instincts. You may not like the truth but taking action will set you free!