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The Gift of a Smile

A smile is something that can melt a person’s heart. When you are feeling low or having a bad day a smile from a stranger can lift your spirit instantly. It is a free and easy gift to give generously to the world around you. You may never know what it meant to a stranger in that moment but it could have had a profound effect. Keep smiling!! 

Ignorance is Bliss?

There is great sadness experienced by those who choose not to open their minds or take risks… So many people live in fear and denial happy to let life pass them by… It takes courage to truly live… Be courageous!!

Take a moment to feel Happy!!

If you want to feel happy, you need to think positively. If you feel down take a minute right now to think of something or someone that makes you happy…

I bet you are smiling and feeling joy right now. Hold on to that thought, embrace that feeling and use that trick when you need a lift.

Happy Friday! 

The Truth About Depression BBC Documentary 2013

Depression is possibly one of the most common and spoken about mental illnesses experienced today. With reportedly a one in four risk of someone experiencing depression in their life time and yet there is still a massive stigma around it and mental health in general.

Thankfully mental illness, in particular depression, is being highlighted in the media on a regular basis which is helping to educate and encourage those who suffer to seek out treatment be that talk therapy, anti-depressants or a combination of both.

I wanted to post this BBC Documentary because I found it to be particularly interesting both from a medical understanding and from first hand accounts of people’s experiences of depression in how it affects them, their lives and the lives of people around them.




Gratitude is the best Attitude!

I truly believe that when you are grateful for the little things they all add up to increasing your happiness!

Try writing down 5 things a day that you are happy for and I bet you will feel better and start to appreciate things you might otherwise take for granted.

I start my day grateful for a tasty cup of coffee and then I see what the days brings. When I focus on the positive even when the situation or task is going badly it is easier to stay calm, focus and find a solution. I can then be grateful for the lesson I have learn from the experience as it makes me a wiser person.


“A successful reinvention doesn’t happen when you hate the person you are. It happens when you love yourself enough to believe that you can do better and deserve better.”
— Dr. Phil



How would focusing on the positive change your life?

If we are to simplify our lives by focusing on what is really important (family, friends, love, fun, a sense of belonging, helping others etc) and took the time to appreciate the little day to day things, how much of a difference do you think that would make to your life?