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Reality and Truth can break your heart…

Reality and truth can break your heart. Denial will keep you stuck! But what you learn can be used to change your life. Never dwell on the negative for long. Make a plan, change old patterns, be persistent and don’t let the past hold you back! The present is what counts, live in it, nobody knows what their future will hold.



Irish Living Abroad? Need to talk but would like a counsellor from home who can relate? Skype Counselling Available!!


Irish Living Abroad? Need to talk but would like a counsellor from home who can relate? Skype Counselling Available!!

I’ve been there, living and working in another country is fun and exciting but it can also take a while to settle into a new routine, find a job, a place to live, make new friends, even set up a bank account!

Sometimes we can feel isolated, anxious, lonely, and even homesick on top of our day to day problems! If we are already feeling depressed, anxious or facing a difficult problem then being away from home can deflate us further especially if there is a language barrier preventing you from accessing counselling locally.

I offer one to one counselling via Skype for just 40 euro per session.

For more information please contact Carol@believecounselling.ie or www.believecounselling.ie 



Be Brave, Make a Change!


Change can be a scary thought and actually taking the necessary steps can feel daunting, even terrifying!

Change however brings hope, adventure, challenges and new possibilities. It allows us to move forward, plan, experience and live our dreams.

By embracing changes and tackling the fears that holds us back we grow, we learn, we flourish, we live, we become who we want to be and create the life we want to lead.

Don’t let your fears hold you back. Be brave and take control of your life and your future! 

For help with tackling the issues that are keeping you stuck take the first step, call Carol on 0867371737 or email carol@believecounselling.ie

Changing your life starts now! 





You CAN Overcome any Fear.. it all starts with the first step…


We all have a fear of something or perhaps more accurately multiple things! The trouble is when we allow fear to control us, to stop us being ourselves, reaching our true potential or living the life we want to lead. Fear can be debilitating and left unchallanged can lead to anxiety disorders, stress, depression and even suicide. Realising and admitting our fears to our self can feel scary and unsettling but I believe not addressing or facing your fears can be more painful in the long run. Talking to mental health professional and working on the problem will change your life. It all starts with the first step… pick up the phone or send an email and make that first appointment! You deserve to live the happiest and most fulfilled life you can, don’t let life pass you by!!