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Be Brave, Make a Change!


Change can be a scary thought and actually taking the necessary steps can feel daunting, even terrifying!

Change however brings hope, adventure, challenges and new possibilities. It allows us to move forward, plan, experience and live our dreams.

By embracing changes and tackling the fears that holds us back we grow, we learn, we flourish, we live, we become who we want to be and create the life we want to lead.

Don’t let your fears hold you back. Be brave and take control of your life and your future! 

For help with tackling the issues that are keeping you stuck take the first step, call Carol on 0867371737 or email carol@believecounselling.ie

Changing your life starts now! 





Are you asking the right questions of yourself?


As a therapist work I with individuals to help them to help themself. Asking the right questions is an important part of my work. If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, work/family/relationship issues, or anything situation or problem that has you feeling stuck or unable to cope contact me at carol@believecounselling.ie.

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction


Let’s be honest it can be difficult to find a feeling of calm when we are stressed, worried or anxious! Teaching our self to become calm at these times is a very powerful tool. I believe being mindful (consciously staying present in the moment) is one of the greatest lessons we can learn. The ability to be in the moment allows us to not be concerned with the past or the future. We can only work with what is happening right now. To worry about the uncertainties of the future or situations from the past is a waste of time, energy and probably causing you unnecessary stress. 

When you are stressed out, anxious or worried ask yourself these simple questions;

What am I stressed out about? (Am I worried about something that has not happened and may not ever happen Or am I reliving/beating myself up over something from my past?)

Do I have control over this situation? (Is there something I can physically do to improve this situation or is someone else making the decisions?)

If you have no control over the situation take a few deep breaths, acknowledge that you can not change events and Let it Go!!

You are only hurting yourself by holding on to things you have no control over. Yes, I know some of us like to be in control of everything but it is simply not possible and accepting this is the first step to letting go.


You CAN Overcome any Fear.. it all starts with the first step…


We all have a fear of something or perhaps more accurately multiple things! The trouble is when we allow fear to control us, to stop us being ourselves, reaching our true potential or living the life we want to lead. Fear can be debilitating and left unchallanged can lead to anxiety disorders, stress, depression and even suicide. Realising and admitting our fears to our self can feel scary and unsettling but I believe not addressing or facing your fears can be more painful in the long run. Talking to mental health professional and working on the problem will change your life. It all starts with the first step… pick up the phone or send an email and make that first appointment! You deserve to live the happiest and most fulfilled life you can, don’t let life pass you by!! 

Depression – Signs to Watch Out For

What is Depression?

Depression is more than feeling down after hearing bad news or having a bad day these feelings are normal reactions to everyday situations.

Depression is more than that it is a mental health condition that affects an individuals thinking, energy, feelings and behaviour. It can range from mild to sever and greatly impacts the individual’s life on multiple levels interfering with work, home, social and intimate relationships. The signs to be aware of are listed below. If you or a loved one has four or more of these symptoms for a period of over two weeks please consult your GP.


Depression – Signs and Symptoms  


Feelings of helplessness, guilt, worthlessness, and pessimism everything feels hopeless

Loss of interest in or pleasure from activities you once enjoyed

Low mood, feeling empty or anxious

Sleep Disturbances – sleeping too much or to little

Decreased energy levels, fatigue, feeling weighed down

Changes in Appetite – Over eating or under eating – weight loss or weight gain

Difficulty remembering, concentrating or making decisions

Feeling irritable, restless or excessive crying

Physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, persistent unexplained aches and pains that do not respond to treatment

Thoughts of Suicide or Suicidal Ideology

Attempted Suicide – Please contact Emergency Services Immediately


Remember! Depression is treatable or manageable with the right care. Do not suffer in silence, take the steps required to get your life back on track. You deserve to be yourself again.


The Gift of a Smile

A smile is something that can melt a person’s heart. When you are feeling low or having a bad day a smile from a stranger can lift your spirit instantly. It is a free and easy gift to give generously to the world around you. You may never know what it meant to a stranger in that moment but it could have had a profound effect. Keep smiling!! 

Embrace Who You Are, You Are Unique and that is Priceless!

Accepting yourself as you are flaws and all (we all have them) brings such as sense of freedom. Knowing yourself well enough to know your flaws and to work with them instead of against them brings great strength and wisdom. The best thing I ever did was accept that I am not perfect. I am uniquely me. Love me or hate me it doesn’t matter it is how we see ourselves that truly counts. 


Take a moment to feel Happy!!

If you want to feel happy, you need to think positively. If you feel down take a minute right now to think of something or someone that makes you happy…

I bet you are smiling and feeling joy right now. Hold on to that thought, embrace that feeling and use that trick when you need a lift.

Happy Friday! 

Anger – Who does it really Hurt?

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Anger is an emotion that needs to be expressed in a healthy way. When we are angry we can say things we do not mean, sometimes in an aggressive or intimidating way. Expressing anger in this way is pointless and people around you may be inclined not to respect you and to see you as a bully.

How do I deal with my anger in a healthy way?

When you are angry the most productive way to deal with it is to take a few breaths and try to relax. You may need to take a walk to calm down and release that pent up energy. When another person is involved in can help to gather your thoughts so you can calmly and rationally start a conversation to explain your point of view and discuss the situation in a more objective and constructive manor.


We all get angry but how we deal with it can affect our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Are you able to say ‘NO’?


It feels good to help others out as it can give us a sense of pride, accomplishment and importance. Far too often however we can put others before themselves out of a sense of obligation, fear of rejection & being judged and of being viewed negatively by others if we say ‘No’. 

‘No’, is one of the most powerful words in the English language. It allows us to decide for ourselves what we choose to do or not do. I have found that people forget that they have a choice in every situation, that they have the right to say no. 

Remember we can not do everything for everyone that asks us for help and there is no reason to feel bad for saying no. I have found that if you politely say no people will understand.

Today I want to encourage you to look at why you choose to do or not do things that come up in your life, be they for yourself or others as this will increase your self awareness. I also want to encourage you to feel free to say No! 



The Power of Talking


Imagine taking time for yourself every week to sit in a peaceful room with someone who is there to listen and support you. Consider how great it feels to be able to share all your worries and concerns, thoughts and feelings with complete confidentiality. Now think about how much you will learn about yourself and the skills and tools you will gain empowering you to lead a fuller and happier life.


Sounds good? What have you got to loose? Make your self a priority you deserve it!


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The Truth About Depression BBC Documentary 2013

Depression is possibly one of the most common and spoken about mental illnesses experienced today. With reportedly a one in four risk of someone experiencing depression in their life time and yet there is still a massive stigma around it and mental health in general.

Thankfully mental illness, in particular depression, is being highlighted in the media on a regular basis which is helping to educate and encourage those who suffer to seek out treatment be that talk therapy, anti-depressants or a combination of both.

I wanted to post this BBC Documentary because I found it to be particularly interesting both from a medical understanding and from first hand accounts of people’s experiences of depression in how it affects them, their lives and the lives of people around them.





Homophobia / Oppression

Well done Panti aka Rory O’Neill for this most powerful, articulate and insightful speech highlighting homophobia and situations that the LGBTQ community frequently experience the world over. 

This link is food for thought for all as it raises the issue of Homophobia and freedom of speech in Ireland.


Believe Counselling & Psychotherapy is Proud to support Marriage Equality and equal rights for the LGBTQ community.


Optimism can get you through the hard times even if at times it can feel as if you at fooling yourself. Staying positive will keep you strong and moving forward!