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serenity prayer

Clarity from the Serenity Prayer

For those of you who are not aware of the Serenity Prayer allow me to introduce you to a very import part of it. These words help me to become grounded and figure out if there is something I can do to improve a situation or if I need to let it go because I have no control over it. If you are religious or spiritual it may be healing and help you to let go, if not, then it may help you to clarify a situation that is on your mind.

serenity prayer

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Reality and Truth can break your heart…

Reality and truth can break your heart. Denial will keep you stuck! But what you learn can be used to change your life. Never dwell on the negative for long. Make a plan, change old patterns, be persistent and don’t let the past hold you back! The present is what counts, live in it, nobody knows what their future will hold.



Destination Change, Last Stop Happiness


Fear and bad habits can hold us back and keep us stuck. In order to change you need to be clear on what you really want. What is your goal? Your passion? Your reason for wanting to make a positive change? Knowing this will help you to remain focused.

Write it down somewhere you will see it every day. Really understand what changes you need to make in order to reach your goals.

Changes to your attitude, how you think and your behaviour will get you on the right path but you will need to embody these changes and create a manageable routine to keep you on track.  Again, write in down, make a plan. Perseverance and regularly checking your progress will help you to remain focused, allow you to see what does and does not work and what aditional changes can be made to continue moving forward. 

When we really want something in life we have to be prepared to give our all to ensure we succeed. WE have to take control. WE have to ‘drive the bus’ to our destination while allowing our loved ones to share and delight in our journey.

Feeling down?


We all have days when we feel low, have no energy and don’t have the will to do anything or go anywhere. Sometimes we just need a rest but other times we need to push ourself to go out and do something as getting out is the only way we can feel better. These are the days that creating our own sunshine can help lift our mood! 

If you feel low getting out for a walk, even if it is the last thing in the world that you want to do, will help to lift your mood. By increasing your energy, getting fresh air and realising the achievement it has been just leaving the house you will feel better.

Spend your time Wisely


You only get one life and it can end in an instant! Live the life you want to live, be who YOU want to be not who others expect you to be. Follow your dreams, surround yourself with positive people who want the best for you and will help to lift you higher.