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Depression – You Can Beat it with the Right Support

Do more of what makes you happy!

The choice is yours; you can choose to be happy! You can choose to make changes in your life, in your thinking, in your behaviour, in how you react to people and situations. You have all the power! Believecounselling.ie

New Years Resolutions – Are they Important?

New Years Resolutions

They can be hard to stick too but they can also be a great motivator setting us goals & providing inspiration. On the flip side if we are not ready to commit to our chosen resolution and fail to stick with it we can be left feeling deflated or worse feel a sense of failure, guilt or shame. This can lead to beating our self up with negative self talk such as ‘I am useless’ or ‘i never finish what I start’ etc.. 

So if you do find yourself loosing motivation remember it happens to a lot of us so don’t beat yourself up! Take a few minutes to work out what you could do differently to help you stick to your goal & figure out what was holding you back then just start again! It is persistence and learning as we go that will help us to achieve our goals and make us stronger. 

So what do you think, is making a new years resolution important to you and why?

Happy New Year


It is the first of January 2014, the year is just beginning and it is the perfect time to heal, grow and make changes to improve your life! If you have been wanting to seek help but fear has been holding you back now is the moment, there is nothing to fear so take that step and take control of your future. Contact: Carol@believecounselling.ie or call 0867371737 to make an appointment today.


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Believe Counselling & Psychotherapy











I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you to everyone who has gotten in touch, liked or contributed to my blog, I look forward to more of your thoughts and comments next year.

Merry Christmas


Anything is Possible

Thoughts for today… Reflection

Sitting back reflecting over the past year has been an eye opening experience. I am certainly not the person I was 12 months ago. I am stronger, wiser and more accepting of my imperfections. I am both happy and content. Like a lot of people I was over focused on work, caught up with problems, living in the future and missing the present. Missing life, love, joy and fun! Over the past few months I have changed my priorities and my life has changed for the better. I have learned not to worry about what I cannot control as everything will sort itself out without my being stressed. But more importantly I have begun to live in the present, enjoy the life & love that I have, my friends, my family and the world around me. Life is precious, it is a journey to experience fully – the joy, the pain and everything in between! With that said I hope I have inspired you to reflect back over this year to see what changes you would like to make to improve your life in 2014.


“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”
Dale Carnegie


Fear is the strongest of all shackles holding us back. Fear stops us from trying, prevents us from taking risks, growing, learning & succeeding. It weakens our spirit and creates in us anxiety, self doubt, negative self talk, low self esteem, judgement and in extreme cases hate. However fear can be conquered, anxiety can be worked through, practical and emotional skills can be learned and developed. Don’t let fear hold you back! Contact Carol@believecounselling.ie or call 0867371737 and take back your control.


I would be of the opinion that hope is one of the most important beliefs a person can have. It may feel like the hurt and pain experienced during difficult times will never end but it does. Sometimes we need a little hope just to keep us going. 

Is Happiness a Choice?

Happiness can be a foreign feeling at times particularly for those suffering from depression or anxiety. But can we choose to be happy? Let me know your thoughts….