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About Believe Counselling and Psychotherapy

I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and pre-accredited member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP). Some of the areas I work with include, Loss Self Esteem Issues Depression Relationship Issues LGBT Issues Polyamory Bereavement Addiction Stress/Anxiety/Panic Attacks Separation & Divorce Physical and Emotional Abuse Redundancy Co-dependency

Are you a Stress Zombie?


We all encounter situations that cause us to feel stress. Stress can be a good thing when it is managed or used to focus and stay motivated. However sometimes we can become so over whelmed we become stuck. We can then live in a constant state of anxiety, worry and negative thinking which causes physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach/chest pains, shortness of breath and other unexplained symptoms.

If we do not learn to manage our stress or share our concerns with others we can become depressed and our mental health can deteriorate further.

If you are constantly feeling ‘stressed out,’ maybe your thoughts are negative even irrational, if you feel exhausted all the time, have trouble sleeping and are experiencing aches and pains perhaps it is time to speak with a professional?

If you would like help with understanding and reducing your stress levels as well as developing coping skills for the future get in touch. Nobody should feel like a stress zombie!

Contact or call 0867371737 to inquire further.

You Always have a Choice!


Make the choice to change your life today!!

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Learn & Develop New Life Skills

Manage Your Stress

Build your Self Esteem

Improve your Communication Skills

Work through your fears, anxieties, negative thinking and face day to day problems head on!

Take the first step to Empowering Yourself don’t let fear hold you back!







Be Brave, Make a Change!


Change can be a scary thought and actually taking the necessary steps can feel daunting, even terrifying!

Change however brings hope, adventure, challenges and new possibilities. It allows us to move forward, plan, experience and live our dreams.

By embracing changes and tackling the fears that holds us back we grow, we learn, we flourish, we live, we become who we want to be and create the life we want to lead.

Don’t let your fears hold you back. Be brave and take control of your life and your future! 

For help with tackling the issues that are keeping you stuck take the first step, call Carol on 0867371737 or email

Changing your life starts now! 





Are you asking the right questions of yourself?


As a therapist work I with individuals to help them to help themself. Asking the right questions is an important part of my work. If you are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, work/family/relationship issues, or anything situation or problem that has you feeling stuck or unable to cope contact me at

Look at life through a different lens!


Your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings influence your behaviour which in turn effects your physiology.

For example:

When we have negative thoughts the little voice in all our heads might tell us  “I am worthless”, “nobody likes me”, “I’ll never meet a man, sure who would want me” etc.. This negative voice is called your ‘Inner Critic’.

The critic is filling your head full of rubbish and distroying your self esteem so it is important to recognise this and challenge the critic constantly until you have control over it. This takes time and practice but will happen if you keep at it.

Now, for example, if your inner critic is telling you, ‘you will never get a man’ this will more then likely make you feel sad, depressed, unloved, ugly, lonely, worthless, perhaps afraid of being alone, which feeds into more negative thoughts and emotions.

So now we have negative thoughts creating our negative emotions. How does this effect our behaviour?

Well, we might avoid going out or seeing our friends becoming isolated. We may avoid situations or particular people or places. We may turn to alcohol or other drugs to numb the pain. We may use food to comfort ourself by over eating which may add to feeling down because now we feel guilty for bingeing too. Eating badly, drinking, not going out and mixing with friends/keeping up with hobbies etc also add to our feeling low and physically we may feel tired, irritable, depressed etc which leads back to more negative thoughts which feed the cycle.

To break the cycle we must first realise that we are in control of our thoughts and how we think effects us profoundly. Positive thinking really can change your life!

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