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The research that has been carried out on online psychology has demonstrated the effectiveness of treatments at least equal to the results presented by psychotherapies carried out in person.

We know that in order for psychotherapy to be effective, and adequate relationship between the psychologist and the person requesting their services is absolutely essential. This patient-psychologist interaction, thanks to the advances in communication, can occur not only in person but also at a distance.

Human beings suffer from concrete things that directly affect us in our day-to-day lives, which requires a thorough review and professional help that provides the necessary tools for a better quality of life and emotional stability.

This space has been created for all those people who for various reasons, feel the physical or emotional need for a therapeutic process without leaving home.

Online therapy is an alternative that consists of the use of technological means such as WhatsApp, Skype or any device that allows fluid communication, in a space chosen for your convenience.

These tools can be found on Believe Counselling & Psychotherapy, where you will find psychotherapeutic support in addition to having a blog where you can share experiences with other users and a space with news, advances, and tips that will also help you.

The professionals who provide advice on our website, are fully trained and certified so you will feel in complete confidence during online consultations knowing that you will find a solution to the problem that is affecting you.

Empathy, professionalism, confidentiality, human warmth and attention are just some of the attributes you can find on our site.

No more worries about stress and negative emotions, you just have to make the decision and act to become the best version of yourself and be better for those around you.