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Forgiveness – The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself!

Forgiving some one who has hurt or harmed us can be one of the most difficult things to do. We may never understand what happened or why. We may spend years trying to find an answer, trying to understand but never find closure. We may hold on to the hurt, memories, anger and think why should I forgive them? They don’t deserve forgiveness!
One of the most significant realisations I have had in relation to forgiveness is that forgiving someone does not excuse their actions or behaviour, it frees us to move on with our lives. It frees us from reliving the hurt, from the stress and strains we feel in our bodies. Holding on to negativity from the past only keeps us stuck. If you allow yourself to accept the past as being the past and forgive the people who have caused you pain you can free yourself to move forward. Take control of the present, feel stronger and strive for the future you want. Forgive others who have caused you pain and forgive yourself for holding onto that pain. Let it go. Life is yours to cultivate, never let the past hold you back. Learn from it, let life’s struggles make you stronger, be who you want to be! 

What small changes could you make to increase your happiness?



Optimism – Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

We can all fall into negative thought patterns from time to time but when this thinking becomes a habit we can remain stuck and become depressed. Perhaps you criticise yourself, mind read others (believe you know what others are thinking without any evidence or discussion) or perhaps you put to much pressure on yourself or others by saying things like I “must”, I “should” or they “should” or he “must” etc.. If you find yourself stuck, depressed or with a low mood try to challenge and change your thinking! Contact or call Carol on 0867371737 to arrange an appointment. Take control of your mental health today and look forward to a brighter tomorrow!

Giving Back

Giving back can be one of the most rewarding things a person can do. It will lift your soul. You can change lives, help and inspire others just by giving your time and focus to someone or something you care about. 

Let go of the Stress in Your Life

Acceptance is a Gift

It is true that nobody is perfect therefore it is important to offer ourselves and others the gift of acceptance. We all make mistakes, we can all make bad decisions but remember that does not make us bad people. 

Ban Tail Docking in Ireland & help STOP animal cruelty

Please take one minute to sign the Ban Tail Docking in Ireland Petition & help STOP animal cruelty 


Making changes to improve our life can be one of the most difficult decisions we can make. It requires effort and determination but the rewards can be far greater than we ever expected.

Low Cost Counselling

Low Cost Counselling @ Believe Counselling & Psychotherapy City Centre and Tallaght Locations. First session half price call Carol on 0867371737 to book your appointment. talk, heal, believe!



Happy Monday!! It’s a new week with lots to experience and achieve. What are your goals for this week and how will you achieve them? Make a plan today so things run more smoothly.

FEAR: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?

Fear is the single biggest obstacle holding us back from fore filling our potential. Only when we face our fears head on can we move in the right direction. Facing our fears is never easy but it is rarely as hard as you imagine once you have conquered them.

Do one thing this weekend that will scare and excite you! Let me know how you get on. 

You are perfect just the way you are…

Give Yourself a High Five – You Deserve It !!


Just Breath…

What a perfect day to walk, sit or stand in the sun. Take a moment to breath. If you are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed allow yourself to step a away from everything, to be in the moment to feel the sun on your face and the cold nip in the air. Take a deep breath and feel how good it is to be still for that moment. Allow yourself time to do this each day no matter how busy you are. You deserve time out to just breath.

Have the Courage to Love Yourself

Take the time to look after yourself and make sure your needs are being met first, this will keep you strong and allow you to be available when others may need your help.  


Love is the greatest gift we can give or receive. Love is shared in many ways on many levels between friends, family or with a partner. Why not spend some time this weekend with the people you love, who make you feel joy and who enrich your life.


We can all loose our temper or get angry from time to time. But it can be helpful to remember that we are in charge of how we respond in every situation. If something happens and we feel angry it can help us to stop and ask our self, why am I angry, what am I feeling in my gut? When we stop blaming others for our feelings and look at our own reasons for becoming angry we can begin to really understand what has caused us to react in anger. Ask yourself questions to uncover the truth. Am I afraid? Do I feel judged? Am I feeling ashamed? Did this person intend to disrespect me? hurt me? be rude to me? What happened exactly? etc How we view a situation is coloured by our life experience and how we react can be an automatic response or learned behaviour. It is therefore important to take the time to understand our thoughts and feelings then respond appropriately based on the situation.

Depression – Conor Cusack on Today fm 

“Depression is a friend not my enemy”. This is one of the most thought provoking statements I have heard in quite a while. Depression is an illness that can eat away at the very core of a person; it can leave you feeling hopeless or numb, affect your thoughts, feelings, physiology, and behaviour and severely affect your quality of life. What we are hearing more frequently now, thanks to the people brave enough to publicly high light the effects of and stigma around depression, is that there is HOPE and life after depression. Perhaps as Conor has highlighted if we were to change how we look at depression, to see it as friend who has come to better us and keep us healthy we can remain aware of our mental health and how to best look after ourselves.