About Believe Counselling and Psychotherapy

Believe Counselling and Psychotherapy was founded to help individuals that are experiencing difficulties in their lives by offering One to One and Online counselling sessions via Skype.

Everyone encounters times when they feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to cope. Speaking confidentially with a counsellor/psychotherapist will allow you to work through your concerns with a professional. A counsellor/psychotherapist is trained to listen to your specific set of circumstances, explore your point of view with you and perhaps develop practical skills to use going forward.

It is often easier to speak to someone who is not directly involved in order to gain clarity of the situation. That is where counselling can provide an opportunity in a safe space for you to explore your views. Frequently, people I work with find relief from simply talking and discovering new perspectives.   

My style is person centred and integrative. I use a number of different approaches including CBT, humanistic, behaviour, cognitive and reality therapies. By working with you in a non-judgemental space, you may feel comfortable sharing and exploring experiences or concerns.

Some of the areas I work with include;
- Loss
- Self Esteem Issues
- Depression
- Relationship Issues
- LGBT Issues
- Polyamory
- Bereavement
- Addiction
- Stress/Anxiety/Panic Attacks
- Separation & Divorce
- Physical and Emotional Abuse
- Redundancy
- Co-dependency

Counselling could be the first step towards making those positive improvements in your life. I understand that sometimes is not easy starting off but I would be happy to take your call or receive your email and possibly arrange a consultation when you are ready.

Keep exploring my website for more information on the counselling/psychotherapy processes, contact details and other advice.

Take care,


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